Our mission

Our team helps promote health by providing personalized advice and support to families of all backgrounds in a respectful approach to pharmaceutical care, cosmetic care and customer service.

Our values


Provide care and safe advice in a pleasant atmosphere, focusing on privacy and listening. By our openness and expertise, we adapt our know-how to meet your needs.


Provide an environment favoring exchanges between individuals leaving aside prejudices and preconceptions in order to promote mutual aid. Openness is also adopting respectful, authentic and honest behaviors.


Uniting the strengths of each of our team members’ to enhance the fulfillment of each. Involvement is also providing support to various community organizations every day.

Skill level

Every day, we work rigorously to improve our processes and working methods to ensure compliance with established standards. Also, for your well-being, special attention is paid to the training of our employees.


Our priority: your health.